Keep Your Real Estate Business Thriving And Close More Deals Without Wasting Time or Money

Get more pre-qualified buyers and sellers and build loyalty from existing ones by implementing this one important system most Realtors don’t utilize

Are you a Realtor feeling discouraged after spending thousands on your marketing only to get questionable leads that are not worth your time?

Need to attract sellers that are ready to do business and willing to listen to your input?

At Bizleads, we understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to invest your time and work hard on each lead you get and generate no results. You might wonder…

So how are some Real Estate Agents able to bring in new buyers and sellers consistently, generate high-quality leads and close more deals?

What if we told you there is an easy way for you to…

…Get pre-qualified buyers to raise their hands and show interest to work with you? 

…Get connected with sellers who have realistic expectations and are willing to listen to your professional input?

…Use an inbound/outbound telemarketing service to cold call leads for you and only spend time contacting the best ones?

…Use custom-branded ads and creatives to bring you pre-qualified warm leads that will be more likely to close the deal and allow you to sell homes more quickly?

Follow up with leads and nurture them until they are ready to do business using email marketing, SMS messaging, and retargeting?

…Transform your best clients into raving fans by collecting positive reviews and encouraging referrals?

The answer….


This is not just another fancy marketer jargon, it is the lifeblood of your business when done right. And we have it down to a science.

A Lead Generation Funnel is a system with multiple steps that allows your Real Estate Business to collect prospective clients’ contact information and get their permission to send them your offers. In other words, it is a way to get prospective home buyers or sellers to raise their hand and say they want to know more about what you offer.

What Most Realtors (And Marketing Agencies) Are Doing Wrong

Here’s the deal – Lead Generation only works if you are spending your marketing budget on the right channels and delivering relevant messages to the right people with the lowest cost per lead possible. This will help you avoid headaches such as getting cold leads or leads that are not pre-approved and are just browsing, or worse – sellers with unrealistic expectations.

Most marketing agencies don’t take time to figure out exactly who your ideal client is, and which channels he or she is more likely to be using when searching for an amazing realtor like you. They will also charge you upfront and require a separate budget for paid advertisements, which they will burn through quickly and still require you to pay something they call an “ad management fee” on top of it.

This leaves many real estate brokers feeling skeptical and frustrated. You just paid thousands and got zero returns, or instead received a list of worthless leads.

This is where BizLeads Agency is Different.

We want to help every Realtor bring in the highly-qualified home buyers and sellers they deserve. Clients who are pre-screened and ready to close the deal without unrealistic expectations – even if they are a one-person Real Estate operation too small to hire a full-scale marketing agency. We work off a fixed monthly retainer that already includes a budget for paid advertising and only require a small percentage upfront to get right to work bringing you new clients. You will only pay the remaining balance once you see results.

No other agency will do that for you. We are 100% committed to generating tangible results and not wasting a penny of your precious ad budget. We will not sell you a random list of leads, but we will help you generate your own leads.

Our obsession is to bring you the best return on investment, the lowest cost per new client, and   a steady stream of new leads that will consistently turn into new clients.  Best of all, you will not waste time with people just browsing or unmotivated sellers who have unrealistic expectations.

All the leads we generate for you will be pre-screened through our inbound/outbound call center so you can stop spending hours on the phone or cold-calling and only talk to the leads that are worth your effort.

What’s Our Secret?

There is no secret, actually. Our process is the magic sauce that makes it all happen.

We will take our time to analyze your current marketing practices,  learn all about your business, and get a clear picture of your ideal customers.

We will look at your current lead generation funnel and see where you are currently getting your leads from and what could be done to improve that. 

You will get a thorough analysis of your website, social media channels, and any promotions you are running or may have done in the past.

We will run an SEO report to see if customers are able to find you when they search for you on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Finally, we will build, implement and continuously optimize a custom lead generation funnel for your business – we do all the hard work, and you just watch the new clients roll in. We can focus on generating more seller leads and fewer buyer leads (or tailor it to your requirements).

The Hard Truth? Your Current Lead Generation Funnel Needs a Total Upgrade.

Clients come to you because they need your expertise to help them sell their home, or maybe to find the home of their dreams. But before they even walk through your front door, they have to jump through several hoops and make numerous decisions. This is what most realtors have in place for a lead generation funnel.

There are so many entry points and many distractions along the way until a prospective client gets to the point of contacting you or scheduling an appointment. A funnel set up like this is bound to have several “holes” and give prospects way too many chances of clicking away and landing on your competitor’s site.

Now take a look at this.

This is what your lead generation funnel will look like after spending some time with us. We will streamline everything for you and send highly-targeted traffic where it matters. Using an optimized sequence of logical steps, we can bring you more of the right prospects that are worth your time and effort.

The result?

More qualified sellers, more sales, more profit, less time & effort wasted. Pretty sweet, right?

Tangible Reporting That Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

We are 100% committed to never leave you wondering where your money went! Our priority is to always make sure that every penny you invest comes back to you in the form of high-quality leads that will close more deals.

On top of constantly tweaking and optimizing your lead generation funnel and paid advertisements, you get access to weekly reports so you know exactly where your investment is going, allowing you to track and measure your marketing performance and results.

Meet The Team

Ok, so…we do have one secret weapon – meet the BizLeads Team. These are the folks that make it all happen for you. They are real people (not robots!) with decades of combined experience. They are ready to help you take your business to the next level!

Vlasto Vrskovy


Mark Ductama
Lead Gen Associate
Rosalyn Wong
Sales Appointment Setter
Janina Dalipe
Social Media Manager
Lauren Doucher
Ethan White
App Development Head
Amit Peshwe
Digital Marketing Associate
RJ Briggz
Nav Sethi
Web Developer
Roldan Ancajas
Web Developer
Our Guarantee – The Rewards Are All Yours, The Risk is All On Us

Most marketing agencies take your money all up front. At BizLeads, we understand that dropping a large payment upfront to an agency can be nerve-wracking as well as prohibitive for some realtors.

That is why we only require a 30% deposit to start building your funnel and bringing in clients who want to sell their house. If after 6 weeks, you have not made your initial investment back, we will give you a full refund. That’s how confident we are in our ability to bring you the results you deserve.

What would a steady stream of highly-qualified, ready-to-go leads mean for you as a real estate agent?

How would spending less time on the phone and in person with prospects (who end up going with someone else) free up your schedule for more important things – like family time, traveling, hobbies, or personal time to de-stress and relax!

At BizLeads, we can make it happen for you!

Frequently Asked Question

At BizLeads, we are obsessed with getting your name out there in the most efficient way possible. We will start by analyzing your current marketing efforts and the results you have been generating from them, and use that information to build a custom strategy to reach your ideal customers in the channels where they are most likely to be searching for what you offer. For example, if we find you have bigger chances of getting high-quality leads on Facebook as opposed to your Twitter account, we will focus our efforts on Facebook.

Unlike our competitors, Bizleads will NOT burn through your precious advertising dollars without care. We will make sure every penny you invest in your marketing through us brings you a desirable return because we work off a fixed retainer. If we wasted your advertising dollars, we would be hurting our own bottom line. We only require a 30% deposit while our competitors may ask for the full amount upfront. We are invested in your success and will work hard for you to earn the remainder of our retainer by continuously tweaking your campaigns to make sure they are performing well, and you will receive periodical reports so you can stay on top of your results.

Absolutely. Besides Lead Generation, we also offer Website Development and several other basic business-building services to get you started. Just let us know your goals for your business and we can build a custom strategy for you.

You bet! BizLeads is a U.S. based lead generation and digital marketing company focusing on bringing in a steady stream of clients for many niches in the service sector. We also love connecting people looking for real estate pros with realtors who can help them. Our main goal is to build, implement, and monitor successful marketing campaigns that bring you tangible results in a short amount of time. We want to be the button you can press to turn on your own client-generating machine and put it on autopilot.

Word-of-mouth is still one of the best marketing tools you can have. The problem with it is that you cannot rely on it for a steady stream of clients. It is not measurable and you have very little control over it; therefore it fluctuates and lacks consistency. What a lead generation funnel does for you is to enable your business to have clients almost on-demand in a predictable flow and pattern. You know where they come from, you know where you can get more clients from, and – best of all – you know each one of them has been pre-qualified. And you have reports and analytics to control and make tweaks as needed. (And we just happen to be really good at that part. Like, really good. Just saying.)

We do not have a “list of leads” to sell you. What we do for you is to help you generate your own leads through a well-oiled lead generation funnel that is set up to weed out anyone who is not your ideal seller profile. A key piece of the funnel is our ability to have real humans call and talk to each lead to make sure they are what you are looking for and that they are a match. That is why our service is different from everyone else’s. Our goal is to only hand you the right leads that have the highest probability to close the deal with you.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It – Hear it From Our Happy Customers!
Ready to Stop Worrying About Your Marketing?

If you’ve read this so far, you are probably serious about taking your Real Estate Business to the next level. By now…

 …You know you can have an almost unfair advantage over your competitors and stand out in a busy market. 

 …You know that in order to get there, you need to take advantage of a lead generation system that will put your studio front and center right where your customers are looking.

 … You know your current lead generation funnel has several flaws, leaving money on the table, wasting your time, and hurting your bottom line.

 …You know you need to make changes to lower your acquisition costs and invest in the right marketing team and the right marketing channels so you don’t throw your money away and end up with worthless leads.

Our team is ready to help you transform your Real Estate marketing and bring you the highly-qualified sellers you deserve – and the risk is all on us.

Click below to schedule a free marketing strategy session with one of our in-house experts to learn all the details about how you can get a customized lead generation funnel that brings the best return on investment in the market.

Go ahead, it’s free – no strings attached.

Talk to you soon!

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